N-VESTIGATE is an international network of experienced investigative journalists surrounded by other actors from society who have a share in successful investigative journalism: media lawyers, Freedom of Information activists, media outlets, leading media NGOs and experts related to investigative journalism and FoI. Our cross-border storytelling and international networking covers Armenia, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Russia and the countries of the EU. Working in international teams, journalists bridge language barriers, geographical borders, and profit from each other's networks. Through their investigative research the journalists contribute their profound local expertise and gain a broader range of perspectives from neighboring countries. Together, we are working towards creating a basis for globalized storytelling, for improved access to information, and on strengthening the communal anchoring of investigative reporting in the region. n-vestigate respects the independence of the network and its transparency. Our donors do neither influence the agenda of the network nor influence the choice of topics and content of investigations.


5 voices of n-vestigate

A mission of n-vestigate is to give voice to journalists, to make investigative journalism a subject itself in the public.

In framework of n-vestigate 2018 we have not only made 3 large cross-border investigations, participated in 5 international conferences and hosted 5 webinars, but also took time to catch the founding members of n-vestigate network to ask them about the importance of cross-border investigative journalism in Eastern Europe and their very personal motivation to ignite the project. Curious? Check out more here.

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Since 2015 n-vestigate has supported several teams of journalists in producing transnational investigative stories. n-vestigate contributions cover a variety of topics such as money laundering, Russian soft power in neighboring countries, smuggling and environmental issues. Selected investigations got promoted with tailor-made campaigns by n-vestigate. A published overview features all n-vestigate articles with a teaser and additional information, such as links to the publications in the original language and translations into English or Russian.


Webinar#1: Artificial Intelligence - Video Analysis - Investigative Journalism?

How can Artificial Intelligence be used for video analysis? How can video analysis be used for investigative journalism? Come and find out in this webinar with Rinat Tuhvatshin, founder of Kyrgysztan based media outlet Kloop.kg, recorded on 30.01.2019

Webinar#2: How to reveal breaking stories based on digital fingerprints with the help of Source Code Leak?

How to reveal breaking stories based on digital fingerprints with the help of Source Code Leak? What is Source Code Leak and how it can be used in investigative work? Find out in our webinar, recorded on Feb 13, 2019 Speaker: Oliver Lebhardt - a journalist, data journalist, entrepreneur, the co-founder of Source Code Leak and AGL Group (Hungary)

Webinar#3: Cross-border journalism as a method

Cross-border journalism is a tool that can overcome national bias and prejudice, ultimately contributing towards better informed, more accountable and democratic societies. This workshop guides participants through the steps of the Cross-Border Journalism Method that were developed by our partner, Brigitte Alfter from "Arena for Journalism in Europe", who wrote the book Cross-Border Collaborative Journalism: A Step-by-Step Guide. Speaker: Bernadette Geyer - Head of Communications for Hostwriter, an open network that helps journalists to easily collaborate across borders.

Webinar#4: Psycho-hygiene for journalists

Journalists don’t need to be in a war zone to be exposed to trauma. Investigative journalists increasingly find themselves subject to harassment and attack both online and offline. On top of that, there is the subject matter: many of the stories we cover deal with death, injury, deprivation, and sexual violence. How to prepare for these kind of struggles? Find out in our webinar, recorded on March 13, 2019 Speaker: Gavin Rees - Journalist, Filmmaker and the Director of Dart Centre Europe

Webinar#5: Cooperations between journalists and activists

How can journalists and activists work together? How to achieve a common goal together? How does journalism affect decision-making and what role do activists play in this process? Interesting cases, practical tips and helpful lifehacks will tell you Casey Kelso from the Transparency International Berlin office in this webinar, recorded on March 27, 2019


Reliable evidences set the basis for investigative journalism. Public registries and records often constitute the largest source. For this reason, we accumulate our network´s resources in a metabase to facilitate the track-down of information for cross-border stories in Eastern Europe. The n-vestigate metabase is a data base of data bases. It combines over 150 links to different public registries, records and datasets across Eastern Europe and the EU countries. Browsing the database is free of charge and available in English and Russian. Other sources: a catalogue of research databases worldwide by OCCRP.

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