N-VESTIGATE is an international network of experienced investigative journalists surrounded by other actors from society who have a share in successful investigative journalism: media lawyers, Freedom of Information activists, media outlets, leading media NGOs and experts related to investigative journalism and FoI. Our cross-border storytelling and international networking covers Armenia, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Russia and the countries of the EU. Working in international teams, journalists bridge language barriers, geographical borders, and profit from each other's networks. Through their investigative research the journalists contribute their profound local expertise and gain a broader range of perspectives from neighboring countries. Together, we are working towards creating a basis for globalized storytelling, for improved access to information, and on strengthening the communal anchoring of investigative reporting in the region. n-vestigate respects the independence of the network and its transparency. Our donors do neither influence the agenda of the network nor influence the choice of topics and content of investigations.


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A mission of n-vestigate is to give voice to journalists, to make investigative journalism a subject itself in the public.

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Since 2015 n-vestigate has supported several teams of journalists in producing transnational investigative stories. n-vestigate contributions cover a variety of topics such as money laundering, Russian soft power in neighboring countries, smuggling and environmental issues. Selected investigations got promoted with tailor-made campaigns by n-vestigate. A published overview features all n-vestigate articles with a teaser and additional information, such as links to the publications in the original language and translations into English or Russian.

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The Annual Meeting is the core event for the network. It is a place for networking, group working and professional dialogue among n-vestigate members, partners and invited experts.

The Annual Meeting 2017 took place on October, 15th-20th in Odesa, Ukraine. Two hands-on sessions on visualization and storytelling aimed at giving the investigations their final cut. Besides, journalists met the n-vestigate international team of media lawyers to get legal advice on obtaining information, security of journalists and their sources, and to discuss legal follow-ups of the investigations. For the first time, representatives of NGOs were invited to get in touch with the journalists aiming to exchange information about wrongdoings discovered throughout the research. The conference concluded with a public panel discussion "Investigative Journalism: Compelling Evidence - No Consequences? Experiences and Lessons from the Black Sea & Caucasus Region".
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Reliable evidences set the basis for investigative journalism. Public registries and records often constitute the largest source. For this reason, we accumulate our network´s resources in a metabase to facilitate the track-down of information for cross-border stories in Eastern Europe. The n-vestigate metabase is a data base of data bases. It combines over 150 links to different public registries, records and datasets across Eastern Europe and the EU countries. Browsing the database is free of charge and available in English and Russian. Other sources: a catalogue of research databases worldwide by OCCRP.

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