Privacy under threat: scanning our habits on IT communication and data storage and trying open source tools

Hands-on workshop series 2019

Collaborating journalists working on sensitive cross-border investigations organizing their communication in a facebook group – this is not that unlikely like it seems. Though investigative journalism is essential to life in a world facing the globalized movements of power and criminal energy, money and resources, data and ideology in terms of communication tools we are often sloppyly prepared. How much journalists even working with sensitive topics are prone to trust mainstream platforms, which have proven that they cannot guarantee for our security?

Data security advisor Roberto Gomes Lares and n-vestigate project manager Ruta Vimba in Cishinau, Moldova, workshop hosted by RISE Moldova.

n-vestigate Project manager and editor of Liberali (Georgia) Lika Zakashvili explains the challenges of cross-border aspects in journalistic investigations.

To fill the gap n-vestigate emphasizes these issues in 2019. In a hands-on workshop series in Kiev, Cishinau, Tbilisi and Yerevan in September and October we discussed in the editorial offices of our partners as well as in public meetings our communications habits and needs in moderated meetings with our Berlin based security expert Roberto Gomes Lares.

Workshop participants in Chishinau, Moldova, discuss the challenges of using Open Source tools amongst journalists.

Together with participants – journalists, project managers and activists – of the public workshop in Kiev, Ukraine.










We improved our knowledge and awareness: what is security and what is privacy, what do „Cookies“ and what is a good keyphrase, from whom we want to hide and whom we would trust, why and when to use a VPN.We scanned the tools we already use, we learned about Open Source tools and why we could that trust them. And we introduced Nextcloud, an open source storage room, an offer by n-ost offers to their partners to organize their work and to investigative journalists in Eastern Europe.

The toolkit for more IT privacy will be released in end of November 2018. Here you find a preliminary list of useful tools.


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