N-VESTIGATE is an international network of experienced investigative journalists surrounded by other actors from society who have a share in successful investigative journalism: media lawyers, Freedom of Information activists, media outlets, leading media NGOs and experts related to investigative journalism and FoI. Our cross-border storytelling and international networking covers Armenia, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Russia and the countries of the EU.

Working in international teams, journalists bridge language barriers, geographical borders, and profit from each other’s networks. Through their investigative research the journalists contribute their profound local expertise and gain a broader range of perspectives from neighboring countries.

Together, we are working towards creating a basis for globalized storytelling, for improved access to information, and on strengthening the communal anchoring of investigative reporting in the region.

n-vestigate respects the independence of the network and its transparency. Our donors do neither influence the agenda of the network nor influence the choice of topics and content of investigations.





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A mission of n-vestigate is to give voice to journalists, to make investigative journalism a subject itself in the public.

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