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5 voices of n-vestigate – video-portraits of 5 investigative journalists about their work, mission, difficulties, impact and sources, that gives us a glimpse of what it means – to be an investigative journalist in Eastern Europe and the reasons to choose such a path. #nvestigate #5voices

“Investigative journalism is not only data. It is the people behind the data” – Lyubov Velichko, investigative journalist, Ukraine

“We try to remind the people in government, what they have to fulfill” – Tsira Gvasalia, investigative journalist, Georgia

“We are exposing the people, who are abusing power” – Nino Zurashvili, investigative journalist, Georgia

“Journalism was my dream. I knew it will be dangerous for me, my family” – Orkhan Mammad, investigative journalist, Azerbaijan

“If somebody doesn’t want to publish it, it means that it is something important” – Anna Babinets, investigative journalist, Ukraine

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